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Using this data, the research firm generated a choropleth map showing the number of tweets per capita (100,000 people).

New Animated Map Shows #Me Too Going Viral Within Hours The #Me Too message spread like a wildfire across the United States and the globe, as shown in a dramatic new animation. "Me Too" (or "#Me Too", with local alternatives in other languages) spread virally as a two-word hashtag used on social media in October 2017 to denounce sexual assault and harassment, in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein.

Many people are considering relocation as an option to better their careers and quality of life.

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Halloween is ‘Deadliest Day’ Of The Year For Child Pedestrian Fatalities Kids have a greater chance of being fatally injured by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year, including the Fourth of July and New Year’s Day.

Best Baseball Cities The most special month of the year for every baseball fan.

The Ro C® Skincare Wrinkle Ranking Study outlines the 50 most wrinkle-prone regions in the United States and identifies the underlying factors that may cause skin to age.

Safest Places from Natural Disasters Hurricane Sandy is a reminder that despite our best efforts to protect ourselves, nature can still bring terrible devastation.

With these low barriers to entry, the young and/or bold can more readily start their own venture.

Sperling’s Skincare “Wrinkle Ranking” Sperling’s Best Places, partnering with Ro C® Skincare, a pioneer in anti-aging innovation, unveils new data that demonstrates the correlation between geographic location and the premature wrinkles.Boat ramps are becoming surrounded by dry land and streams are disappearing. Romantic Cities for Baby Boomers With our busy lives, many are finding it difficult to set aside time for romance.This study looks at the places that are making it easier. We found the places where people are living a lifestyle that is key to their longevity and overall good health.Every Halloween there are stories about hazards such as tainted candy and “stranger danger,” but the real threat kids face when Trick-or-Treating is being struck by a motor vehicle.Top 97 Opportunity Cities Our notion of Opportunity Cities really comes down to freedom, the freedom to pursue a dream that is more difficult, if not impossible, to realize in other places.For over 25 years, Bert Sperling has been analyzing data about people and places, and rating them for major publications.

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